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We can deliver all of your farm and garden supplies including grass and lawn seeds, chemical sprays we also have a range of animal husbandry needs including Neil Monk animal health products as well as the necessary dog and cat foods. Please phone or text your needs and we will do our upmost to deliver a reliable and prompt service.
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Our Own Brand Seaweed Mixtures

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are guaranteed to match your exact requirements.

OCEAN HARVEST- A Blend of Seaweeds, balanced with selected major and minor minerals, vitamins and Cod Liver Oil to restore depleted animals to full health. Modern farming and choice of high production animals require a more specialised mineral in a sequestered form, i.e. naturally available.

Product range;

  • Dairy Supreme
  • Pre Calver
  • Bull, Steer & Heifer
  • Power Buffer & Yeasacc (can be fed with other proprietary minerals)

Soil Association Award Winner

NEW natural Vitamin E additive

Dairy Supreme now contains 2000 EXTRA Iu/kg of Vitamin E as GRAPE PP. This is in additon to the existing 5,000 Iu/kg of standard Vitamin E, and the undeclared Vitamin E in the seaweed meal base of Ocean Harvest which is a natural tocopherol vegetative Vitamin E.

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CLICK HERE for more information on GRAPE PP.
(In all our Ocean Harvest products we do not declare the trace elements, Vitamins, amino acids and natural growth/health promoters as they are variable accroding to the conditions at seaweed harvesting. COUNT THEM AS A SPECIAL BONUS)

NEW bucket range. Our new bucket range is mainly for outside feeding with seaweeds as their main ingredient with the same therapeutic and trace element advantages of the Ocean harvest bag.


Stock generally satisfy their requirements more quickly when using a seaweed mineral and, as no flavours are added, there is no wastage.

Product range;

a. Calf/Beef/Heifer + 2 Seaweeds (with all major minerals and vitamins required)

For all classes of young stock up to 2 years old. The ideal way to feed stock when grass is plentiful, i.e. good grass which is not heavily fertilised contains all the protein, energy and fibre contained in meal. All that is required is minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Modern grass mixtures are developed to respond to fertiliser and do not contain (or cannot assimilate quickly enough) many important minerals. These bucket licks have been developed to address this deficiency, and cost about 5p per day per animal.

CLICK HERE for information on the benefits of buckets versus meal

b. Pre Calver & Seaweed

This bucket is suitable for out at grass. Cows cannot absorb sufficient minerals after they calve. Fertility and calf health is determined before the cow calves. Also, the health and ability of the calf to develop resistance is determined by the cows immunity (when healthy) and the cows level of minerals. Seaweeds are therapeutic to cows, and this is especially noticeable when seaweed fed cows have more live births due to a slippery placenta and lively calf.

c. Rest of the Range

Hi Mag, Sweet Mag, Sheep, Horse, plus all of the above without seaweed.


A modern calf booster using probiotics and antibodies, minerals, and vitamins in a base mixture of Seaweed, Ground Linseed and Cod Liver Oil.

Many drugs are made from Seaweed and Linseed has know advantages for developing animals, not least its ability to gel in the stomach. Cod Liver Oil contains immediate energy and vitamins. It also contains a powerful bactericide which helps to protect the lining on the surface of the lungs.

Many Top NI Dairy Herds Are Using Panatonic


A mixture of Potash, Sodium, Sulphur and Magnesium. Seventy years ago, this mixture used to be the main fertiliser used on farms and we are rediscovering its actions and benefits on soil fertility.

Instead of applying huge quantities of nitrogen, users of Kainit will require smaller amounts of expensive, petro-chemical based nitrogen fertilisers.

Great Products For Improved Soil & Animal Health

Dried seaweeds

Pure Atlantic Seaweed Meal for feeding to all animals. Supplied by Arramara Teoranta this is the best quality Irish seaweed you can buy. Our Seaweed Meal contains over 30 natural

Ocean Harvest

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are

Seaweed Sprays

We recommend Goëmar liquid seaweed, a product that contains 100% of the growth promoting hormones, betaines amino acids, vitamins and trace elements vital for vigorous growth.

TNT Treatment!

Taylors Triple Natural Treatment is a unique combination developed by Brian Taylor in Northern Ireland over the past 25 years. Timac PHYSIOLITH Calcified Seaweed to heal your soil