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#### NEWSFLASH December 2015 ####

 As from Wednesday 16th December 2015, Taylor Farm Supplies SHOP will be closing to the public after 33 years in business. We have sold and are transferring existing stock to Stanfield Building Supplies, 69A Dromore Road, Hillsborough. Their Number is 028 92 682 444.

Stock includes Meal, Coal, Dog & Cat Food, Grass Seed, Calf Milks, Electric Fencing, Waterproofs & Wellingtons, Poisons Etc.

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Seaweed Nutrition For Northern Ireland Farms

A Balanced Soil Produces Healthy Crops and Animals

Taylor Farm Supplies are dedicated to sourcing and producing seaweed products and mineral fertilisers that have proven positive benefits;

  • Soil structure and life, leading to release of nutrients
  • Plants for animal and human consumption can access the full spectrum of released nutrients for a fuller taste and enhanced disease resistance
  • Animals eating these fortified plants are in optimum health

We provide products that have balanced nutritional needs for soils, plants and animals. Healthy plants and animals lead to increased income and reduced costs.

"The vet came to see why I had not called him during the year. He thought that I was using someone else. I told him it was because I hadn't needed him due to the good health of my animals."

Using Natures Balance For Profitable Food Production

NEWS ........

Our new natural supplement - GRAPE PP - supplies 2,000 Iu/kg extra Vitamin E. Click Here for more

New bucket range now in stock. Click Here for more



Dried seaweeds

Pure Atlantic Seaweed Meal for feeding to all animals. Supplied by Arramara Teoranta this is the best quality Irish seaweed you can buy. Our Seaweed Meal contains over 30 natural

Ocean Harvest

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are

Seaweed Sprays

We recommend Goëmar liquid seaweed, a product that contains 100% of the growth promoting hormones, betaines amino acids, vitamins and trace elements vital for vigorous growth.

TNT Treatment!

Taylors Triple Natural Treatment is a unique combination developed by Brian Taylor in Northern Ireland over the past 25 years. Timac PHYSIOLITH Calcified Seaweed to heal your soil