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What cost benefit is there for me by using your products?

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Our integrated treatments, using seaweed based products, has proved to lead to a reduction in costs. Increased soil health leads to greater mineralisation of soil nutrients, so reducing your fertiliser costs. Animal health is improved so reducing your vet bills. Your produce is of a higher quaility, eg more butterfat in milk, so you get a better price. Using Taylor Farm Supplies also means you can access a lifetime of experience of crop and animal husbandry. We can give you advice you can trust and act on with confidence.

Dried seaweeds

Pure Atlantic Seaweed Meal for feeding to all animals. Supplied by Arramara Teoranta this is the best quality Irish seaweed you can buy. Our Seaweed Meal contains over 30 natural


Ocean Harvest

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are

Seaweed Sprays

We recommend Goëmar liquid seaweed, a product that contains 100% of the growth promoting hormones, betaines amino acids, vitamins and trace elements vital for vigorous growth.

TNT Treatment!

Taylors Triple Natural Treatment is a unique combination developed by Brian Taylor in Northern Ireland over the past 25 years. Timac PHYSIOLITH Calcified Seaweed to heal your soil