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We can deliver all of your farm and garden supplies including grass and lawn seeds, chemical sprays we also have a range of animal husbandry needs including Neil Monk animal health products as well as the necessary dog and cat foods. Please phone or text your needs and we will do our upmost to deliver a reliable and prompt service.
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TiMac Physiolith (calcified seaweed formerly known as Mermin) is a soil conditioner with calcareous mineral seaweed which limes and mineralises your soil. This unique product is full of microscopic pores that contain an abundance of trace minerals, seaweed and micro-organisms. These bacteria and fungi colonise and restructure your soil by forming soil crumbs that hold moisture, yet allowing excess rainwater to drain through. 
This soil restructuring is of major importance in;
  • increasing and maintaining the carrying capacity for animals, e.g. by extending grazing,
  • minimising wheel damage from machinery, a cause of poor plant growth
  • creating and maintaining vital soil aeration for soil nutrient mineralisation
  • Spring soil warming, resulting in early plant growth
Physiolith is suitable for soils that require calcium and phosphorus in a natural, non-leaching form and contains the full spectrum of trace elements for healthy grass growth.
Physiolith increases the amount of fertilising elements released into your soil by;
  • managing your soil pH at 6.5 to 7. At this measurement the main fertiliser elements, especially phosphorus, are increasingly available to the plant
  • increasing earth worm and soil microbe activity which further increases plant food availability.
  1. A product based on calcified seaweed (lithothamnium calcareum)
  • Quick reactivity on pH correction
  • Rich in free calcium for improving the soil structure
  • Rich in magnesium and trace elements
  1. A product rich in amino-purine from seaweed extract
  • Improved root growth
  • Improved nutrient uptake


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