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Grow Your Own Fertiliser!

We specialise in seaweed products for good reasons. Our unique, patented seaweed spray, Goemar, has been proven to increase the enzymes in plants which release phosphates and nitrogen from the soil in extra quantities which increase plant growth. Some Nitrogen is also released from the soil organic matter through extra microbial activity. The remaining Nitrogen you need to apply for productive growth is less than if you you were not using our seaweed. Through a unique process, Goemar is the only seaweed product that contains all the plant growth hormones and vitamins contained in seaweed. The result is an extra boost to plant health, tillering and rooting.

Another of our great products is Timac Physiolith, a unique, calcareous, mineral seaweed. Each granule of Physiolith contains hundreds of pores that contain algae, trace elements and bacteria. Physiolith limes and mineralises nutrients in the soil, and the soil bacteria also improve the soil structure which increases soil air content. Timac Physiolith increases the population of soil microorganisms that restructure your soil for optimum soil and plant health.

The effects of these products is an extra release of nutrients that exist within your soil. Many farmers are wasting these extra FREE plant nutrients by applying yet more costly synthetic fertilisers. You could be saving;

31/2 cwt per acre/year (440kg/ha),

or £50 per acre (£124/ha), on fertiliser costs.

We also have our own brand products for dairy and beef herds. Over 25 years of expertise and practical animal husbandry have gone into our Ocean Harvest seaweed and mineral blends which supply all of your animal nutrition and health requirements.

Our seaweed products:

contain all the nutrients from the oceans in natural and balanced proportions

  • correct nutrition deficiencies quickly in animals without having to resort to expensive medical treatments,
  • reduce contamination from harmful microorganisms.

Many of our products are suitable for organic farming.
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Dried seaweeds

Pure Atlantic Seaweed Meal for feeding to all animals. Supplied by Arramara Teoranta this is the best quality Irish seaweed you can buy. Our Seaweed Meal contains over 30 natural


Ocean Harvest

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are

Seaweed Sprays

We recommend Goëmar liquid seaweed, a product that contains 100% of the growth promoting hormones, betaines amino acids, vitamins and trace elements vital for vigorous growth.

TNT Treatment!

Taylors Triple Natural Treatment is a unique combination developed by Brian Taylor in Northern Ireland over the past 25 years. Timac PHYSIOLITH Calcified Seaweed to heal your soil