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is a traditional potash fertiliser with proven benefits for both grassland yields and livestock nutrition. Widely used by farmers for decades,  Containing approximately 9 per cent K2O water-soluble potassium oxide , 4 per cent MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide (3 per cent Mg), 35 per cent Na2O water-soluble sodium oxide (20 per cent Na) and 9 per cent SO3 water-soluble sulphur trioxide (4 per cent S), Kainit, also includes many trace elements. A further benefit is that unlike magnesium from oxide sources, the magnesium which it contains is totally water soluble and available at all pH levels, so it can be readily taken up when the crop needs it.
Independent UK trials1 found that grassland treated with Kainit out-yielded MOP (Muriate of Potash) by more than 10 per cent, with improvements of up to 12 per cent in second-cut silage production. The product also prepares the grass to make best use of spring nitrogen applications and is particularly beneficial where slurry or dirty water is applied. An application of Kainit at up to 400 kg/ha helps to balance the nutrients supplied by these manures and improve the palatability of slurry-treated swards.
Grass that has received Kainit is generally ‘sweeter’ and more palatable to cows, encouraging them to eat more, increasing dry-matter intakes and boosting milk yields. seven farms with a total of 2,000 cows showed that they preferred to graze in areas treated with Kainit rather than NPK straights. Feeding Kainit fertilised grass to cows can also enhance fertility due to a better balance of salts in the bloodstream, while the soluble magnesium and sodium it contains can help to reduce the risk of grass staggers, which can lower milk yields by up to 20 per cent.
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Pure Atlantic Seaweed Meal for feeding to all animals. Supplied by Arramara Teoranta this is the best quality Irish seaweed you can buy. Our Seaweed Meal contains over 30 natural


Ocean Harvest

Over the past 25 years we have developed our own product range using our expertise and knowledge of Northern Ireland soil and animal husbandry. Our products are

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We recommend Goëmar liquid seaweed, a product that contains 100% of the growth promoting hormones, betaines amino acids, vitamins and trace elements vital for vigorous growth.

TNT Treatment!

Taylors Triple Natural Treatment is a unique combination developed by Brian Taylor in Northern Ireland over the past 25 years. Timac PHYSIOLITH Calcified Seaweed to heal your soil